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Raptor Polymer Nails

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Raptor 12P/12mm Polymer 18G Brad Nails (2,000)
Raptor 12P/16mm Polymer 18G Brad Nails (2,000)
Raptor 12P/20mm Polymer 18G Brad Nails (2,000)
Raptor 12P/25mm Polymer 18G Brad Nails (2,000)
Raptor 17P/20mm Polymer 15G Nails (2,350)
Raptor 17P/25mm Polymer 15G Nails (2,350)
Raptor 17P/32mm Polymer 15G Nails (2,350)
Raptor 17P/38mm Polymer 15G Nails (2,350)
Raptor 17P/50mm Polymer 15G Nails (2,350)
Raptor 17P/57mm Polymer 15G Nails (2,350)
NAIL & STAPLE GUNS stock RAPTOR POLYMER NAILS can be cut and sanded without damaging router bits, saw blades and sanding belts, and provide complete corrosion resistance. Popular for boat building, CNC woodwork & vehicle ply-lining applications. 

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