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Bostitch SX5035 Series Narrow Crown Staples

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Bostitch SX503515Z Galvanised Staples 15mm (5,000)
Bostitch SX503519Z Galvanised Staples 19mm (5,000)
Bostitch SX503525Z Galvanised Staples 25mm (5,000)
Bostitch SX503530Z Galvanised Staples 30mm (3,000)
Bostitch SX503535Z Galvanised Staples 35mm (3,000)
Bostitch SX503540Z Galvanised Staples 40mm (3,000)
Bostitch SX5035 series narrow crown staples have a width of 5.60mm and lengths 15-40mm. They are available in galvanised and stainless steel finish. Most commonly used in the Bostitch SX1838-E and Bostitch SB-2IN1-E pneumatic staple guns.